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by Ron Joseph

September, 2002

CARC Powder Coatings

Q. I have a customer that deals with the military daily. They are now coating parts with carc liquid paint. They now have come to me saying they need a 1000hrs salt spray and asked if we had a primer to put down and then they would put there liquid over. I can not seem to find any spec from the military that in approve any powder coating. I was at the Powder 2002 show in Indianapolis and I saw a panel for the military that was e-coated and then a tan top coat of powder. I was wondering if you had a place I could go for this info or do you know your self.

BTW, your artical in Metal Finishing Magazine, September 2002, was great.

A. Thank you for your interesting question. I too was at the Powder Coating show, and I'm sorry we didn't get to meet one another.

I have spoken to John Escarcega of the Army Research Lab (ARL) at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, and he confirmed that with regard to topcoats, the Army has not approved any coatings because they do not meet many of the physical and chemical properties required by the specification, such as MIL-C-46168.

With regard to primers, powders can be used, but apparently approval is on a case-by-case basis. Not only must the powder itself be approved, but the entire process; namely the type of substrate, surface preparation, curing times, etc., must receive approval.

If you want to pursue this further you should speak to Jeff Duncan (410) 306-0690 in the ARL facility.

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