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Who we are

The Paint and Coatings Resource Center (PCRC) is maintained by the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS). The PCRC is one of the Compliance Assistance Centers developed by industry-government partnerships, with support from EPA's Office of Compliance. Each Center focuses on a different industry sector, one that is heavily populated with small businesses and entities, and that faces substantial federal regulation.

Our objectives

The main objective of the PCRC is to deliver regulatory and pollution prevention information, either directly to businesses engaged in painting and coating, or indirectly through the technical assistance community (including state and local agencies, and consultants). Whether you are a veteran environmental manager searching for the answer to a specific question or a newcomer learning the basics, we want to help.

Also, due to popular demand, some pertinent information has been added to the PCRC to help meet the information needs of conscientious homeowners. Although they use many of the same raw materials as industry, homeowners are not constrained by the same set of rules. However, our environment does not differentiate between polluters. It reacts in the same negative way to improper use and disposal of chemicals regardless of their source. We salute those who make environmental protection a priority in their daily lives.

Our methods

Finding answers to highly specific regulatory questions and mapping an efficient route for environmental compliance are both difficult tasks. Industry is bound by federal, state and local environmental regulations, some of which overlap.  In addition, most companies have distinctive facility or process characteristics that complicate the process of complying with rules and making environmental improvements.

Recognizing this "one size does not fit all" situation, the PCRC has created an extensive array of information and tools, which includes both unique internal resources, and links to useful information found on the Internet.  We encourage you to use these resources to help sort out your situation, and to find efficient and cost-effective solutions. Our tools include educational features, reference materials, calculators, searchable databases, interactive resources and more. If you can't find what you are looking for, ask us, or link to your state assistance program.

Contact us

Regulatory and technical questions can be directed to George Cushnie. Technical questions regarding this website should be directed to here

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