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by Ron Joseph

September, 2002

Chemical and Solvent Resistant Paints and Coatings

Q. Please advise me concerning the paint coating or combination required for the internal coating of a storage tank. These tanks will store isopropyl alcohol at 1000C and a kerosene-like solvent at 900C. These solvents are to be stored in seperate steel tanks.

A. Thank you for you question. Some excellent sites to visit for information on the selection of chemical resistant coatings are:

  • (Steel Sructures Painting Council)

The technical staff at any of these companies will be able to make recommendations that apply to your specific conditions. I suggest that when you write to these companies, you shgould also give more details about the following:

  • Exactly what product are you painting?
  • Do you need to coat the product(s) primarily for corrosion protection or decoration?
  • Will the product(s) come into frequent contact with chemicals and/or solvents?
  • Are the surfaces already painted?
  • What is the substrate?
  • What is the current condition of the surface?
  • What surface prep are you currently following?
  • What painting equipment do you use to coat the products?
  • What painting equipment do you use to coat the products?
  • Will you be painting before contraction or after the tanks have been welded and installed?
  • What is the maximum temperature that the coating must withstand?

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