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by Ron Joseph

September, 2001

Paint Carryover into Oven

Q. I am working with a facility with a paint emissions problem. They appear to have significant amounts of paint that get carried over into the bake oven, where it drips off in the oven and over time may be at least partially combusted. The regulatory agency here wants to establish this paint combustion as an emissions source. Have you any experience with quantifying such emissions? Can you suggest ways other than changing the hook configuration, slowing the conveyor speed and using fans to blow off paint prior to the oven to eliminate the carry over (they've tried these already)?

A. Thanks for your interesting email. This is the first time I've heard of a paint carry-over problem that is so significant. To answer your question more fully, can you please tell me more about the process? Is this a dipping operation? If not, then I'm very surprised about the carryover and the extent of dripping in the oven.

If it is a dipping operation then you have various other design options, but again I would like to know more about the operation. What coating is being used, etc.

In terms of quantification of the carryover, it might well be possible to place aluminum foil (from a hardware store) on the floor of the oven, capture the carryover on a daily basis, weigh the carry over and then calculate the emissions that result.

For your personal interest, I'm in the process of discussing the possibility of presenting a 4-day environmental training seminar on these topics for the State of Wisconsin. My contact at the agency is Sheri Stach (608) 264-6292, and if such a program (which has already be given in Michigan and Ohio) comes about, you might want to try to attend. Please also go to my website Two weeks ago I ran a similar program in Williamsburg, VA (on the never-to-be-forgotten September 11, 2001), and we are planning to run another program in March, 2002.

Please get back to me with more details and I'll try to help you further.

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