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by Ron Joseph

October, 2010

Interior Paint for Pressure Vessels

Q. What paint and coatings can we use for the interior of our pressurized steel vessels used to store and process wine? It must not have taint and needs to be alcohol resistant as well. Any information from your would be greatly appreciated.

A. I suggest you go to where I expect you will find a catalog of finishes exactly for your purpose. You do need to ensure that the paint, probably and epoxy, is made of FDA approved ingredients. The specification will also tell you how to prepare the steel for painting, what primer to apply, and the film thickness of each coat that will provide the appropriate protection.

Carboline is not the only company that makes such coatings, but it is a good start. Their list of coatings is formidable, and you might simply want to write or call their technical service department to get you on the right track.


Ron Joseph

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