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by Ron Joseph

November, 2004

Primer for Aluminum Aircraft

Q. I'm building an RV-7, all aluminium aircraft made of 2024-T3 with alclad, bar stock of 2024-T4, and angle and tube stock of 6061-T6. The kit manufacturer recommends no corrosion protection is needed for the alclad sheet, but corrosion protection can be applied to the 2024-T3 and 6061-T6 if desired. I have read recently that zinc phosphate primer is an acceptable alternative to the traditional zinc chromate products. I would like a primer for interior applications, i.e. no top coat applied, that is easy to apply and easy on the environment. Can you recommend one?

The most popular primer being used by the Air Force is MIL-P-23377 which is a strontium chromate primer. You Can purchase this from companies such as Deft Inc., located in Irvine, CA, and also PPG (their aerospace division). Other companies also sell this product, and you can check for them on the Internet.

Best wishes,

Ron Joseph

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