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by Ron Joseph

November, 2002

Clean-Up of Hazardous Waste

Q. Is "oil dry" or "speedy dry" used to clean up small spills of oil, fuel, hyd. fluid, etc. considered hazardous waste?

A. I am not familiar with these specific non-reactive absorbent products, but generally they are not considered to be hazardous waste. However, after you have cleaned up a spill with a compound that is regarded a hazardous waste, then the absorbent + chemical compound will be regarded a HW.

Since you do not want to take any chances on this, I suggest that you find out who makes these non-reactive absorbents and then look at their data sheets or product literature for more information. I found the manufacturer of "Oil Dri" online, but was not successful in finding the manufacturer of "Speedy Dry".

Oil-Dri Corporation of America
914 Curie Drive
Alpharetta, Georgia 30005-8369
Phone: 770-475-3993
Toll Free: 800-OIL-DRIP (800-645-3747)
Fax: 800-233-8550

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