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by Ron Joseph

May, 2006

Adhesion of Hot Melt Adhesive to Paint Coating

Q. Is there any coating product out on the market whether it is liquid or powder based that would resist the adhesion of hot melt glue to it? I'm asking this question because I work in the Packaging Industry specializing in labeling machines that we manufacture that apply hot melt glue to the specialized containers and some times the glue gets all over the machines painted surfaces. If there is any coating product out there, please tell me the product name.

A. Thanks for asking what appears to be a straigth forward question. However, without performing some tests I don't have a definitive solution for you. Clearly the temperature of the hot melt adhesive is a critical parameter.

You might start by exploring polyurethane coatings which are available in either powder or liquid formulations. Other coatings that might do the trick are siliconized coatings that have a slick finish, but I'm sure there are other resin systems as well that you might consider.

Frankly, your search should start with the product that you intend to paint and the properties you require for it. Will the product be exposed to the elements? Will it be exposed to marine environments? Must it be glossy? Are you limited to one or more colors? Who will apply the coating? What process will the company use to apply the coating? There are many more questions that must be asked to select possible coatings. Based on a short list of potential coatings, you will only now look for one that can resist damage by a hot melt adhesive.

If you require additional help we will be happy to consult to you on a fee basis and I would appreciate hearing from you again.

Best wishes,

Ron Joseph

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