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by Ron Joseph

June, 2010

Flash Point and Solubility

Q. I am facing some problem in paint. I have intention to purchase the epoxy water based coating, but how ever, does it easily flash up or may I know does those paint / coating have a specific flash point? By the way, is that Epoxy water based material have the ability to solute in water? How if the paint consist of 2 component, epoxy water based paint and the hardener of it. Will it still soluble in water?

A. As a water-based coating you should not need to be concerned about the flash point. If there is a flash point you will find it on the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) that you can obtain from the paint vendor. You might be able to download it from the company's web site.

I don't know what product you are using, but the base component probably already contains water. Once you have mixed the two components, you should be able to add water to the mixture. However, I strongly suggest you don't add any water unless the instructions allow you to do so.


Ron Joseph

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