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by Ron Joseph

June, 2002

Applying Liquid Paint Over Powder Coating

Q. What are the necessarty prep steps involved to apply liquid paint over an old coat of powder coat? What kinds of liquid paints can I use?

A. The answer depends, to some extent on the type of powder you use and its inertness to another coat of paint. Also, you have not said what the liquid coating will be exposed to; sunlight, water, solvents, chemicals? All these factors make a big difference in the approach you take to refurbish or repair the existing powder coated surface.

IN GENERAL you should thoroughly degrease the surface and then scuff sand using a fine abrasive paper, such as 320 grit. Degrease again after scuff sanding to remove loose powder and activate the surface. Thereafter, you might consider applying an epoxy primer followed by any topcoat of your choice.

Before you go ahead with these recommendations you should first experiment to determine if the system will work for you.

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