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by Ron Joseph

July, 2002

Transfer Efficiency of Paints from Aerosol Cans

Q. Do you know of resources that pertain to aerosol cans and transfer efficiency? I know it varies with spray guns. Is the same true for aerosol cans?

A. I'm quite sure the transfer efficiency varies for different types of aerosol can. TE will depend at the very least

on the pressure in the can, the viscosity of the coating, the ease with which the coating can be atomized, the design of the nozzle, and the fan width. There may be other parameters as well of which I'm not aware.

As to source data, I have never seen any studies on this topic.

Incidentally, there are aerosol cans which dispense certain adhesives, such as those used under carpets, for which the TE is close to 100%. I know that the manufacturer of one adhesive spent a ton of research money trying to optimize the design of the can/nozzle and the adhesive to achieve this high efficiency.

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