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by Ron Joseph

July, 2001

Calculating VOC From an MSDS

Q.How do you calculate the solid content (lb/gal) and VOC content (lb/gal) from an MSDS? What factors do you use and what if they are not on the MSDS. Is it the mfg responsibility to provide these figures?

A. Thanks for your email. Your question is certainly pertinent now that new regulations are about to be proposed by the EPA that will require us to calculate VOC on a lb/gal solid basis, or even on a lbs VOC/lb solid basis. These topics form a major part of a 3.5 day seminar that I'm giving in Williamsburg, VA from September 11-14, 2001. If you can attend, you'll defintely be able to do complex calculations involving MSDS, permits, etc. For more information please go to

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