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by Ron Joseph

February, 2010

Painting a Drywall Ceiling

Q. I have primed and painted a ceiling using Behr sealer and ceiling paint.
When putting on the ceiling paint I find the paint appears to be being absorbed at different rates leaving dark spots on the ceiling. I have but 3 coats of ceiling paint on but still see the patch. What can I do to get a uniform paint finish.

A. I'm wondering if you should have applied a block sealer to the ceiling. It might not be too late, but on the other hand I hate to have you apply at least two more coats to the celing; the block sealer followed by the topcoat. The more laywers you apply, the greater the possibility that the paint will ultimately peel off.

It's your decision. Perhaps you can try to apply the block sealer only to the patches where the paint has absorbed into the ceiling. See if that works on one patch before doing the entire ceiling.


Ron Joseph

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