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by Ron Joseph

February, 2001

Lighting In Paint Spray Booths

Q. I would like to build my own paint booths as I build my new auto & truck facility out of glass on the outside walls and ceilings. How do I go about making sure my "natural light" design will pass and be compliant. It will have no combustible materials and be supplied with same downdraft pit and fresh air as purchased booths,minus the electrical lights.

A. To the best of my knowledge there are no regulations for the brightness of lighting in a spray booth. I have been into spray booths that are unbelievably dark and dreary, and I have been into booths that are beautifully bright and easy to work in. My suggestion is that you provide adequeate lighting from both the ceiling and the walls, and that the lights are installed on the outside of the booth. If you locate them outside the booth they do not need to be explosion proof.

NFPA 33 is the document you should read before finalizing your design. To the best of my knowledge this document is not downloadable on the web, but you can purchase a copy from the NFPA site.

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