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by Ron Joseph

December, 2004

Spraying Paint into Enclosed Areas

Q. I need some guidance in getting a spray gun which will allow me to paint the inside of a cylider. The dia of the cylinder is about 5 inches and the length is 22 inches. Obviously the gravity fed HVLP is not able to acess the areas inside this cylinder/tube. Can I get a gun which will give me access to these non-reachable areas?

Thanks for your email. Yes, you can get a spray gun extension that can be attached to the end of your spray gun. You would need to pick the length of the extension to suite the application; in this case either 24" or 36" or whatever is available. It really doesn't matter whether you use a gravity of pressure feed gun, provided that you have sufficient fluid pressure to move the coating to the orifice, which will be at the end of the extension tube.

I entered "spray gun extension" into Google and came up with at least one supplier:

Good luck.

Ron Joseph

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