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by Ron Joseph

December, 2004

Calculating the VOC of a Mixture

Q. If I have a base coating that is 490 g/l VOC, and an activator that is 260 g/l VOC, and the mix ration is 3:1, how do I calculate the "as applied" VOC content?

The VOC content of the mixture is as follows:

Total emissions for base = 3L*490 g VOC/L = 1,470 g VOC
Total emissions for curing agent = 1L*260 g VOC/L = 260 g VOC
Total emissions of VOC for 4L of mixture = 1,470 g+260 g VOC = 1,730 g VOC
VOC for 1L


= 1,730 g VOC/4 L


= 432.5 g VOC/L


Hope this helps.

Best wishes,

Ron Joseph

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