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by Ron Joseph

December, 2002

Solvent Recovery by Means of Adsorption and Concentration

Q. My company needs to control air pollution from a coating line and we are thinking of using an adsorption technology that allows us to recover coating solvent to pay for the air pollution equipment. Do you recommend that we do this instead of incinerating the air emissions?

A. You should consider a solvent recovery system but make sure that you can answer the below mentioned questions in the affirmative.

  • the solvent recovery system meet EPA or state/local emission limits?
  • Is there one predominant solvent in your coatings that can be reused?
  • Would the recovered solvent be reusable without further processing?
  • If you change your coating solvents, can the system still recover them?
  • Does the potential system supplier have similar applications to yours?

This question has been answered by Robert Kenson an associate of Ron Joseph & Associates, Inc.

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