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by Ron Joseph

December, 2002

Spray Gun Paint Particulate Size Distribution

Q. I'm looking for data on particule sizes of paint overspray from both convention and electrostatic spray methods. I've seen a bell curve before, but cannot locate one at present. Can you provide data? Thank you.

A. I have also seen some bell-shaped curves for particle size distribution from HVLP and conventional air atomizing spray guns. The only company that I assume might have this information is ITW-Ransbug (for electrostatic) and ITW-DeVilbiss for non-electrostatic spray guns. If my memory serves me correctly, it was ITW-DeVilbiss (formerly DeVilbiss) that did this research. You might want to speak to Roger Cedoz at that company, located in Toledo, OH.

Please let me know what you find as I too am curious.

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