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by Ron Joseph

December, 2002

Importing Paints and Coatings into the US

Q. We are setting up to import paints from Europe for onward distribution within the USA. Most of the paints will be sold through marine distributors and then to boat yeards. We will not mix or alter the paints in anyway, just warehouse them. We have all the VOC statements for the products as supplied. Are there any regulations (other than fire code etc) that currently affect us?

A. You will need to know if the VOC contents are in compliance with the regulations for each state in which you are selling. While, for many regulations, this is strictly not your responsibility, your customers will be hopping mad if you sell them noncompliant paints. Also, it would be well for you to identify the HAPs in the coatings. If you are selling within the South Coast Air Basin, you will also need to properly label the cans.

I don't deal with hazardous waste, fire, safety and health regulations and so suggest that you inquire further. If you need additional help on these topics I have a colleague who might be able to assist you.

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