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by Ron Joseph

December, 2001

Interior Tank Lining for Refined Oil

Q. What are your recommendations for tank interior painting that contains oil refined products at high temperatures such as heavy fuel oil? How high is the maximum temperature that paint can resist in such case ?

A. Thank you for your email. Since you might have specific requirements related to surface preparation, environmental conditions during the painting operation, etc., your best approach is to contact the paint manufacturers directly. Here are two really excellent companies that specialize in the types of coating you are looking for:

Ameron International

You might write the the technical representatives at these companies and ask the same questions. However, you will need to provide them with more information such as:

Provide a more detailed desacription of what you intend to paint?
What are the chemical constituents in the oil? Are there any acidic or basic chemicals?
Are the surfaces already painted?
What is the substrate?
What is the current condition of the surface?
Are you able to shot blast the surfaces?
What painting equipment do you use to coat the products?
Will you be painting before contraction or after the tanks have been welded and installed?
What is the maximum temperature that the coating must withstand?

I hope this helps.

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