1.  California List

The land disposal restrictions in RCRA Section 3004(d) requires that the California List wastes be banned from land disposal by July 8, 1987.  Concentrations of nickel greater that 134 mg/1 are subject to the  ban.  Is hazardous wastewater containing nickel dispersed by agitation, but not chemically in solution, included in the restriction?

   Yes.  It does not matter whether the nickel is chemically or physically  contained in the wastewater.  The ban applies to the total concentration of nickel in the filtrate as determined by subjecting a representative sample of wastewater to the Paint Filter Liquids Test.  If the facility were to settle out the pieces of nickel and lower the concentration of  nickel below 134 mg/1, the wastewater would no longer be subject to the ban.  Until treatment standards are finalized, this method of lowering the concentration is allowable.

Source:   Mitch Kidwell    (202)  382-4805
Research: Laurie Huber