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by Ron Joseph

September, 2009

The Best Paint Gun

Q. We need to know the best gun and at what air preasure is best for painting polyurethane carc mil. dtl 53039b-type 2?

A. There is no such thing as a "best gun" for applying MIL-DTL-53039 Moisture Cure CARC Polyurethane:. On the other hand HVLP spray guns from most spray equipment companies will do a very fine job. Success is in the hands of the painter who needs to know how to properly set up the spray gun. All the popular spray guns, when properly set up will lead to a successful finish.

If you intend to coat large surfaces such as tanks, personnel carriers, etc., you can also consider air-assisted airless spray guns, but again your painters will need to be trained to get the best out of this equipment.


Ron Joseph

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