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by Ron Joseph

September, 2004

Latex Paint Over Old of Varnish

Q. I just painted over old varinshed trim with a latex eggshell finish. It covered great but it feels think like I could scratch it off. What do I do now to fix it. Help my husband will be home in 2 days!

I sincerely hope that I am not too late with the answer to your question. You don't say how long ago you painted over the varnish, or what kind, if any prep work you performed. If you sanded the old varnish and wiped clean the surface before painting it, he should be in pretty good shape.

They latex paint will not completely cure for several weeks, check the finish after it has had a chance to cure. If you performed the correct prep work prior to the paint application, I think that you should find the paint job to be just fine.


Jim Burke

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