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by Ron Joseph

September, 2004

Certification for Paint

Q. I am a chemistry student. I and my classmate made a paint by ourselves. We want to sell it on the market, but we don't know how to certify our product.

  1. What kind of certifications do we need to get?
  2. What departments should we make contact with?
  3. Where can we do quality testing for our products?

There are numerous paint laboratories that can perform quality control tests and you can search for them on-line. You will need to speak to the director of the lab to decide which tests you wish to have carried out; however, to perform all of the important tests might cost several thousand dollars. Only after the test results have been obtained can you think of taking the next step. Invariably, some of the tests do not yield favorable results and you will need to modify the formulation and test yet again. When all the results are favorable then you will need to take the coating into the "field" and have some commercial companies apply them to determine if the coating really does work. Only after you have gone through all this work will you be ready to think about selling it.

Good luck.

Best Wishes,

Ron Joseph

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