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by Ron Joseph

September, 2003

New Paint Line - Permits and Regulations

Q. We are considering a plan to put a backside coating line for automotive plated bumpers in a plant in Cleveland. What are the issues we would need to address in order to gain the required approvals. The line will use a water born clear primer which requires 130°F heat to cure. We will coat approxiamtely 1600 - 1800 bumpers per day and we will cover approx. 10 sq/ft.per part.

A. An environmental consultant who knows the regulations and the permit writers in the Cleveland environmental office can identify the permit regulations you need to satisfy. With regard to writing the permit conditions for the proposed spray booth I can assist you (or the consultant) in putting together permit conditions with which you can easily live. For the permit application you will need to know the volume of coating you intend to use on a daily, monthly and annual basis. Also, you will need to identify all of the VOCs and HAPs in the coating's. Again, I can help you, on a consulting basis, in several of these tasks, but would not write the permit or deal with your state agency.

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