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by Ron Joseph

September, 2003

HVLP Sprayers and Transfer Efficiency

Q. We have a paint booth for paint touch-ups of three wheelers, we are using NC paints with thinner & retader mixer. For spray painting we are using HVLP manual spray guns ( Devilbiss JGX 502, GFG 513), but there is a lots of over sprays which waste paints (as fumes) & harmful for the conditions of the paint booth.

So would you please send me the technical details to increase efficiency of the methodology of using of HVLP guns( the distance between gun & the surface, pressure & the nozel adjustment, etc.)

A. Thank you for your email. The best method for minimizing the overspray is to turn down the air pressure to the spray gun and to reduce the amount of coating (paint) being sprayed. The painters might not like this solution because they think that their production rate will slow down, but a properly trained painter can do the job with better transfer efficiency and nevertheless get the job done.

If you are interested, we do give hands-on training to large companies that employ more than 12 painters.

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