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by Ron Joseph

September, 2003

Teak Cleaning

Q. We are statring a teak cleaning service. We will be using phosphoric acid and most likely hypochorite nuetrilizer. In addition we will be applying (spraying) a WATER BASED sealer. What type of system should we have in place to make sure we comply with all EPA and AQMD requirments. Or are there web site that we can go to for this info.

A. If the water-based sealer does not contain any solvents you might be free and clear of regulations. Review the MSDS of the sealer to determine what it contains. Once you know its contents you can call the AQMD and ask them if they have any requirements of you. I doubt that you will be subject to an air pollution regulations, but you might need to also check regarding water and waste. Water and waste are not in my field of expertise.

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