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by Ron Joseph

October, 2004

HVLP Vs. Air Assisted Airless

Q. I manufacture quality fireplace mantels, and I am looking for a painting system to do some in the field. The question is HVLP or Air assisted airless. Can you help me with some of the confusion. TE is very important, but so is the finish. Most of the time I use a Benjamin Moore Satin Impervo enamel base paint.

I must assume that you don't use a large volume of coating material when you perform work out in the field. The Air Assisted Airless is really designed for large volume applications. There are HVLP spray guns designed for use with Air Assisted Airless that further reduces overspray. Look into the Binks Model AA '1500 or the Kremlin Air Mix.

DeVilbiss has introduced the new EXL HVLP Siphon Feed cup gun that performs very well, however it does consume a large volume of air. The Binks Mach I Gun has a greater selection of fluid tips and air caps, and can consume less air depending upon the fluid nozzle/air cap combination you select. The Mach I guns work best when attached to a pressure tank, and it allows you to use larger volumes of coating materials than that of a siphon gun, and also keep the Transfer Efficiency high and the overspray to a minimum while still providing a high quality finish.

Consult with your local equipment supplier, ask to demonstrate the equipment, evaluate it under real application conditions prior to making your decision. Be certain to use the same coating products with the same support equipment that you would use out in the field in order to better evaluate the equipment, and its ability to atomize the coating and provide a good quality finish.


Jim Burke

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