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by Ron Joseph

October, 2004

Painting an Old Tin Roof

Q. Our tin church roof was last painted 7 years ago. It was painted green, which seems to have held up fairly well. It is now time to repaint. We are being told that since paint no longer contains lead, it will not hold up. Can you give us a recommendation on what type of paint to use?

The use of lead containing paints has been restricted for over thirty years, consult with your local paint supplier and ask for specific recommendations for products to use for this type of an application. There are several paints available on the market today that will meet any of the coating requirements you may have.

By properly preparing the surface to be painted such as removing any loose or peeling paint, rust, dirt, grease, and oil, sanding or otherwise abrading any remaining paint, and by washing the surface clean. You can expect a properly applied coating system to last for many many years.

Investigate possible coatings with your local paint supplier, they will have product recommendations to cover your needs.

Good luck!


Jim Burke

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