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by Ron Joseph

October, 2004

Powder Coating Color Match

Q. I have a job where I need to paint a couple of machined 6061 housings in a MIL green color (34094/383). Since these are initial prototypes (and will not go through the typical list of environmental tests) we do not need to meet all the usual requirements. My question is this: Is there an equivalent green color in "powder coat format" (that is readily available) instead of using the "liquid 2 component Polyurethane process"? I understand that we will have to apply a second "Lusterless" coat to dull down the gloss finish, but what is really important at this point is getting the correct green color.

You might be able to request a small amount of a green powder coating from one of the powder coating vendors who specialize in small custom-matched powders.

If I were in your position I would visit a custom powder coating job shop and ask if any of the color cards that he has been given to him by his vendors contains a color close to #34094. Although the custom shop often only carry colors made by their preferred vendor, you might strike it lucky. Unfortunately, I don't have a catalog of color cards in my office.

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