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by Ron Joseph

October, 2003

Federal Standard 595a Color Standard

Q. Does this standard only pertain to wet paint applications or both wet and dry (powdercoat) paints? As I understood it, this standard is for color selection and is not specific to the type of paint?

A. Federal standard 595a colors are universal and do not apply to a specific type of paint, ink, textile, or anything. It is simply a standard by which anyone can specify a color which he/she would like matched. Although the universe of colors and shades is infinite, Fed Std 595a only comprises a few, maybe less than one hundred (I've never counted). This is not the only color standard available. For instance, the Europeans have their RAL color standard, and perhaps other countries have theirs. Fed. Std. 595a was developed so that the US government can order colors for government contracts. Of-course architects and others doing non-government work can and do develop and specify any color they choose. I hope this helps.

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