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by Ron Joseph

November, 2009

Viscosity Conversion

Q. How do I convert a viscosity of 5.3 cSt into a practical number that I can measure, in my case with a Din4 cup? I know that the one viscosity is kinetic and the other is dynamic, however there must be a formula on how to convert it. Can you pls. enlighten me?

A. One of the best viscosity conversion charts can be obtained for free at offered by the Norcross Corporation. Alternatively, if you write to Paul Gardner at he will send you a viscosity conversion chart via email. Both companies sell viscometers.

The Norcross chart is in centipoise (cp), but the one from Gardco is in centistokes (cSt.). Moreover, you will find a formula in the Gardco table.

Regardless you can send an email to either company and ask them the same question you asked me.

Good luck,

Ron Joseph

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