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by Ron Joseph

November, 2009

Temperature Sustainability

Q. Kindly let us know the temperature sustainibility of Zinc Cromate primer. After this primer we shall be painting HR aluminum paint whoes temperature sustainibility is 250 degree celcius. Our painted item will be exposed to high degree (250 degree celcius - continues) temperature continueusly.

A. The terminology "zinc chromate" only refers to the corrosion resistant pigment in the coating. It does not refer to the resin type, such as alkyd, epoxy, polyurethane, etc.

For alkyd paints, 250°C (482°F) is considered high for most resins. You might be able to find a high temperature epoxy that can withstand that temperature on a continuous basis, but somehow I'm doubtful.

I suggest that you go to the Carboline website ( and search their products for high temperature corrosion resistant coatings. In addition, there are other companies who specialize in high temperature (heat resistant) products for your application. I searched Google and found one company that you might like to investigate further:

Good luck,

Ron Joseph

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