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by Ron Joseph

November, 2005

Paint Dry Film Thickness on Car

Q. I have a 2003 model silver metallic painted Vectra C elegance. I wanted to trade in my car for a 2006 model.
But the inspector at the dealer reported an over painting problem for the original factory paint.
And of course tried to take down the price.
The thickness of the paint inspected by the dealer, using paint thickness gauge is:

Front Left Door 180 - 220
Front Right Door 180 - 230
Back Left Door 188 - 297
Back Right Door 180 - 230

Could you please be so kind enough to advise if my car is a regular painted car or if these figures are normal or not. What should be the maxiumum microns on a car coming out from the factory ?

A. There numbers do seem to be high and more usual values are 75 - 125 microns. However, I don;t see a problem with the higher film thickness provided that the pant is in good condition and that you do not see any pain flaking or paint lifting. Thick paint film are not desirable when adhesion between the paint system and the substrate is poor, but in your case that may not be a problem.

It seems to me that the inspector is simply using his dry film thickness gauge to negotiate a lower price for the car. Why don't you ask him to give you published documents, articles, etc. that prove that the value of a car drops when the film thickness increases? I doubt that he can find such documentation.

Best wishes,

Ron Joseph

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