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by Ron Joseph

November, 2003

Application of Epoxy Coating at Low Temperature

Q. I am going to be applying a pure epoxy coating 62% volume solid. Can you advise if pure epoxy coatings are limited to a minimum temperature for both cure and applications?

The data sheet is very vague and manufacturer is under pressure from the main contractor to "assist" them in finalising the project. +5 degree Celcius is stated on the data sheet.

A. Generally one is not advised to apply epoxy coatings at low temperatures, such as the 5 degrees C that you mentioned in your email. While the coating can be applied at this temperature, it will not properly cure. If possible, I would suggest that the contractor does not even apply the coating at such temperatures but rather waits until the weather warms to above 15 deg C. (Even +5 deg C seems low to me.)

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