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by Ron Joseph

November, 2003

Painting Neoprene Rubber

Q. We are looking for a waterbased paint that will not scratch or peel off a neporene rubber surface.

A. This is a great question. Although I have not personally tried to paint neoprene rubber, I guess that you can use an acrylic latex paint, or a waterborne epoxy. What will the neoprene rubber be exposed to after it has been painted? Will it be exposed to sunlight or to chemicals? Your selection of coating will depend on the end use of the neoprene rubber.

I suggest that you first solvent wipe the neoprene rubber with a suitable solvent, perhaps isopropyl alcohol, which is not too strong, and then follow with either the acrylic latex or the epoxy. Sine I don't have any first hand experience at this, I suggest that you perform some experiments and confirm that the coating will give you the results you require.

I would be interested to find out which coating you decide to use.

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