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by Ron Joseph

November, 2003

Automotive Paint for Interior Bedroom Walls

Q. My son wants metallic blue paint for his new bedroom. Such a thing is not available for interior painting. I'm wondering if automotive paint can be used to paint interior walls and if there's anything in particular I need to know about in order to accomplish this.

A. You son's idea sounds great but it is not practical. First, the paint costs at least $100-200 per gallon and you will need several gallons to paint the room! Second it is a solvent-based paint and the house will smell of solvents for days. While painting, the solvent vapors in the room will be a serious expolosion, fire and health hazard. You need to spray the paint and can't use a roller. Depending on the type of paint you purchase you might have a terrible time trying to remove it one day when he wants a different color or when you want to sell the house.

Try to talk him into a conventional wall paint or wall paper.

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