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by Ron Joseph

May, 2009

B4 Cup Viscosity

Q. Please help me to measure the viscosity of water using B4 cup. What is the viscosity in terms of seconds for water when we use B4 Cup?

A. I'm not familiar with a B4 cup. Are you referring to a Ford 4 cup?

You should be able to look up the viscosity of various liquids by searching Google.

Wikipedia states the following:

Example: viscosity of water
Because of its density of ρ = 1 g/cm3 (varies slightly with temperature), and its dynamic viscosity is near 1 mPa·s (see Viscosity of water section), the viscosity values of water are, to rough precision, all powers of ten:

Dynamic viscosity:

μ = 1 mPa·s = 10−3 Pa·s = 0.001 kg/(m·s) = 1 cP = 10−2 poise.
Kinematic viscosity:

ν = 1 cSt = 10−2 stokes = 1 mm2/s. :

The B4 viscosity cup should provide you with a viscosity conversion chart, with which you can convert viscosity measured in seconds, to viscosity measured in cP, or any of the other units shown above.

I hope this helps.


Ron Joseph

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