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by Ron Joseph

May, 2004


Q. We manufacture acrylic paints and texture coatings and currently use cellulosic thickeners. We adjust viscosity by eye which is very hit and miss! We're experimenting with associative thickeners and it has been suggested we invest in a viscometer. Can you suggest a make and model to provide a basic benchmarking and QA tool for our manufacturing. Is there a device that caters for a wide range of viscosities from say acrylic primer right up to trowel on coatings?

A. The trade uses a variety of viscosity measuring devices which include efflux types to those that measure heavy non-Newtonian products.

Contact The Gardener Laboratory located in Florida @ Web Site. They supply most of the paint laboratories in the USA.

You will need a Krebs Stormer viscometer for you products. While you are at it, order a good thermometer to help control your viscosity control.

Best regards,

Tom Burke

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