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by Ron Joseph

May, 2004

Painting Long Lasting Wood Exterior

Q. I understand there is a new type of exterior wood paint available that is very durable compared to conventional paints. It is not applied by the homeowner but by trained personnel in the use of the product. I also believe it goes on in two coats. Do you know of this product and where I can get additional information on it? Is it as good as they say?

I have an large old 1800's colonial and want to keep the natural look of painted wood rather than siding it but I do not want to paint every five to seven years. Thank you in advance.

A. We have heard of the super house paint that is guaranteed by the application for extended long term duration. I am not sure about the application to wood surfaces, the advertisements usually feature stucco and cement surfaces.

I think a good long lasting paint job is dependent on good surface preparation and a top quality wood primer and top coat paint properly applied.

There are some elements that are predictable such as direct sun light which we know is capable of causing failure in the automotive industry. Many times local knowledge can provide the best recommendations providing they have some basic paint background.

Best wishes,

Tom Burke

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