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by Ron Joseph

May, 2004

High Volume Automotive Body Repair Center

Q. We are presently in the process of purchasing 3 double prep stations in order to meet the demand and reduce our turn around time. I am not yet totally convinced this is the best solution, we have one downdragt booth and pump out an average of 8 vehicles per day. We need to pump out at least 20 vehicles per day. What would you recommend???

A. How long does it take to spray on vehicle? If the answer is one hour, then you need more spray booth capacity.

If you are doing surface preparation and masking in the spray booth, then relocate that process and utilize the spray booth for spray paint application only. If you find the need for additional spray booth time to allow the applied coating to flash off, then set up a separate flash off area allowing freshly painted vehicles to exit the spray booth and flash off and cure in a dust free area.

Finally, are you using the fastest setting quickest drying paint available or is some of the time used for 8 vehicles in 8 hours spent watching the paint dry?

Best regards,

Tom Burke

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