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by Ron Joseph

May, 2004

USDA Approved Paints for Contact with Foods

Q. We are importing Anti Insect, Anti Fungus and Anti Bacteria paints from France. When we approach the pharmaceutical industry for using our Anti Fungal paints, they are asking us whether we have USDA approval. Is this approval cumpulsory for our paints to be used in the pharma industry ? What approvals will be required, in your opinion, for marketing our products. Do we need approval for exterior paints also? Thanks and best regards.

A. I am unaware of any USDA approvals that are needed for the pharmaceutical industry. That does not say that there aren't any requirements. I would suspect that the FDA may have some restrictions on the paints, and coatings that come in contact with pharmaceuticals during the manufacturing process.

I do know that there are restrictions on the paints that are used in food processing, this is where the department of and that the coatings must be certified by the FDA before use in these kinds of applications. I am uncertain as to just what the requirements are at this time.

I recommend that you visit the USDA web site and post your question with them, the web address is, and you might also consider visiting the FDA site and they can be found at and you can post your question there also.


Jim Burke

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