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by Ron Joseph

May, 2003

Developing a Paint Finish Specification

Q. We need to specify a paint finish specification (plus surface treatment specification?) that would allow large objects cast from low-grade iron ore to resist surface corrosion for as long as possible in an external environemnt. Any information that you can provide would be very much appreciated.

A. Thanks for your question. Before we can assist you we will need more information about the process; the complexity of the parts? who will be doing the pretreatment? will anyone be doing any painting? what is the environment? and more.

Since this is more than just a simple Q&A issue we would need to charge you a consulting fee to help you draw up such a specification. Alternatively, you can look at the specifications provided by the Sturctural Steel Painting Council (SSPC) to see if something fits your needs. The SSPC can be found on the Internet.


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