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by Ron Joseph

March, 2009

Compatibility of CARC and Non CARC

Q. Would it be feasible to paint over CARC coatings using normal Polyurethane coatings. And when sanded, can the dust be put in along with normal paint dust waste?

A. CARC coatings ARE polyurethanes; therefore you can apply a non-CARC polyurethane over it. However, like all repainting jobs, you must first prep the CARC in the normal manner before applying the new coating. If the CARC is aged you might want to first apply an epoxy primer, such as the MIL-P-23377 that you normally use at Holloman. If you don't want to use a MIL-spec epoxy, you can use a non-spec one instead.

Again, you must dispose of the sanding dusts in the same way you normally dispose of the them. You need to speak to your bio-environmental folks at Holloman to get confirmation on this.


Ron Joseph

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