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by Ron Joseph

March, 2005

Infrared (Infra-Red) Oven for Painting System

Q. We are trying to design a spray painting system, it includes a spray booth and a dryer oven. They are separated and their dimension LxWxH 5.5m x 4.5m x 3.5m. The dryer oven uses an infrared bulb for heating with the temperature requested 70°C. But I am not sure about the arrangement & specification of infrared bulb. Could you please tell me how to arrange it? I want to have the document/standard for this problem. Could you introduce for me. Many thanks for your help.

A. I am not aware of any standard documentation. The configuration of the infrared oven will depend on a number of factors; the dimensions and design of the parts that are being painted, the conveyor speed, the curing properties of the coating, the degree of cure that you expect after the painted parts have passed through the oven, the type of substrate, the heat sensitivity of the substrate, and perhaps other factors that I can't think of right now.

There are several vendors who sell infrared lamps, but in my opinion you first need to have answers to the questions raised above before you can select a lamp and design the tunnel.

Best wishes,

Ron Joseph

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