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by Ron Joseph

March, 2005

Federal Standard 595B Color Cards

Q. We are a paint manufacturer in Bangkok, Thailand. We need to have Federal Spec 595a Color Charts: Color No. 31136 red, 37038 black, 37925 white and 33538 yellow. Can you please the name and e-mail address of a supplier where can buy these color charts? Thank you.

The two sources I know of are:

1- Individual 3x5 inches cards and complete sets of patches of various sizes can be purchased directly from the General Services Administration (GSA) (no e-mail):

General Services Administration
Federal Supply Service Bureau
Specification Section
Suite 8100
470 East L'Enfant Plaza, SW
Washington, DC 20407

Tel. : (202) 619-8925
Fax : (202) 619-8985

2- You can also find some of these on the IHS web site:
Make a search for "color deck" to see their list of available 595b standards.

Best regards,

Danny Pascal


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