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by Ron Joseph

March, 2005

Portable Paint Booth

Q. Have you heard about any portable paint booth? Something that can cover the nose of an aircraft or small (7'x7') area, so that a painter can safely work inside the enclosed area. The unit would neet to meeting OSHA, NFPA, & EPA requirements. Do you know or can you direct me?

A. Air Verter makes a "portable paint spray booth" specifically for the purposes you mentioned. The PAPCE (Air Verter's trade name, pronounced "Papp See") is not a spray booth in the normal sense; rather, it is a unit that uses large vacuum hoses to suck up the VOCs and particulates while painting is being undertaken. The hoses are flexible and can easily be moved to the areas where the painters are working. Normal paint spray booth dry filters are used to collect the overspray.

I have seen this unit being used on a Northrup Grummond aircraft assembly line in the Los Angeles area where other non-painting operators were working, and to the best of my knowledge it is also being used on board Navy ships. I will probably be meeting the Air Verter folks at the upcoming Air Force Corrosion Conference where the company exhibits a PAPCE every year.

Follow this link:

For your interest I will be covering spray booth design etc., in an upcoming 3 1/2 day class and suggest that you visit

Best wishes,

Ron Joseph

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