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by Ron Joseph

March, 2004

Automotive Painting of Bumpers - Dust

Q. We area manufacturing car bumpers in Malaysia, our top rejection rate for bumpers is due to dust, based on our data study. Currently our painting line humidity is not stable, kindly advise if the paint line area needs a humidifying system to control the dust.

A. I presume you are painting plastic bumpers in which case the problem you face is the build up of static electricity. This attracts dust to the plastic parts. I do believe that humidity will benefit your situation, but be careful not to have too high a humidity especially if the paints you will apply to the bumpers are sensitivity to moisture.

I believe that some companies apply a static resistant coating as the primer and then apply the topcoats thereafter. Without making additional inquiries I don't have more information to give you.

If you would like me to make some phone calls for you to some of the facias and bumper manufacturers in the United States, I can do so, but I will need to charge a small fee.

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