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by Ron Joseph

March, 2004

Regulations and Policy for the Printing Industry

Q. I need to understand what these are and how I can briefly discuss them in a short paper. In other words what are some of the most stringent public policy regulations for the printing industry?

A. The EPA has published regulations that affect the printing industry. You might want to visit their website and then search for rules and regulations. In 1977 and '78 the EPA wrote Control Technique Guidelines for various industries, and one of these documents dealt with the printing industry. The document is not available for downloading on the Internet, but you might be able to purchase a copy from the Government Printing Office.

Another good resource for the industry is at, which is the website for the South Coast Air Quality Management District (Greater Los Angeles Basin). Again, look under Rules and Regulations, and specifically go to where you will find the source specific rules.

I suggest that you review Rules 1128, 1130 and 1130.1. You will probably find that the EPA regulations are somewhat similar.

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