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by Ron Joseph

March, 2004

Painting with Reflective Beads for Display

Q. Our townhome subdiv. has brick/cement posts with > the house number "scored" or in an "indentation" of the cement portion. It is very difficult to see the numbers and we were considering painting this indented area with a black refective paint. We were unable to find such a paint and were considering the "reflective glass beads" being added to black paint. Is this a practical concept? If so, would we purchase the beads to be added to the paint or is there a ready product for purchase? If so where? If not, do you have a recommendation for this project?

A. Typically the homeowners group has rules and regulations pertaining to painting such things as you describe, also you would be hard pressed to find a black reflective paint.

If the homeowners association allows for painting the number display, you might consider painting the surrounding area black, and painting the recess number area in white, and adding some reflective glass beads into the wet paint just prior to it drying this will hold the beads in place and also add the reflective qualities you are looking for.

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